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Would you like your email campaigns to get opened and read?

Response Builders can help!  Our proven techniques can help you to execute a successful email marketing campaign.  We use a proven 5-step process when creating and delivering email marketing pieces.

Response Builders’ 5-step Email Marketing Process

Campaign Planning:

A critical first step to any Internet marketing project is planning.  During this step we work with you to identify your target audience, to solidify your marketing message and campaign goals.

Creative Development:

Often the fun part, during creative development, Response Builders provides mock-ups for your specific email marketing campaign.

Campaign Set-up & Activation:

During campaign set up, Response Builders coordinates all the elements of your email campaign;  email address list development, campaign distribution schedule, email software account activation, landing pages and web page opt-in & opt-out forms.

Email Delivery:

After three steps of hard work, the email messages are now sent according to the pre-planned schedule.

Campaign Review:

As with any marketing effort it is imperative to review the success of the campaign.  During this step, Response Builders can report back to you important information including how many message were read and click through rates.

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