5 Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success

Would you like your site to rank prominently in the top search engines for your best keyword phrases? Response Builders can help! Our proven techniques can put your site atop the search engine results pages. We use a proven 5-step process when executing organic or natural search engine optimization.

Keyword Consulting:

Keyword consulting includes a brainstorming session in which Response Builders works with you to determine what sets of keyword phrases are best for your online marketing strategy. Using both lay and industry terminology, we will guide you in choosing proper types of phrases; words and combinations that are engine “friendly”. We will also make recommendations on the proper keyword phrase to web site size ratio to use throughout the development phase. This session often is the first step toward compiling the final keyword list that will be used to determine the optimization, layout (architecture), navigation and content of the your site.

Search Engine Optimization Implementation:

Once the keyword phrase list has been finalized, Response Builders will optimize each pages of your website. We only use optimization techniques based on current search engine algorithms. Site optimization will occur simultaneously with site design and development. Special optimization tags will be embedded within the code and critical elements and copy will be repeated throughout the pages of the site building keyword density. The most current optimization techniques will be applied to the content and code of your site based on current algorithms used by the top search engines. Our optimization techniques are based on up-to-the-minute research and are designed to be well received by the top search engines.


Once your site has been optimized and uploaded to the internet, the search engines will review your site and determine its rank within their indices. At times (but rarely), it is necessary to hand-submit or “take” your site to the engines to ensure it is found. However, engines prefer and will often reward a site with higher positioning, if it can find your site on its own. Response Builders will work with your web team to guarantee the visiting spiders can and will find your site, thereby securing a higher rank.

Site Monitoring:

An essential part of measuring web site success is the careful review and analysis of usage reports. Usage report software, which resides on the host server, provides valuable insight into the number of new and unique visitors to your site, common traffic patterns, preferred pages and common referring hosts. usage reports reveal the hidden strengths and weaknesses of a site and can be helpful in ROI analysis. In addition to your site’s usage reports, we utilize in-house software to determine your site’s positioning in the top, most widely used search engines. we’ll include a breakdown illustrating the site’s current positioning for each keyword phrase within each search engine. Response Builders will identify changes and opportunities in search engine optimization and internet marketing industries. We will keep you abreast of the latest changes in engine algorithms so that our clients are able to make web site updates accordingly.

Updating/Reworking Optimization:

Over time, it is imperative to refine a site’s content and optimization code. as search engine algorithms change so must your site in order to stay compatible and maintain top positions. Information gleaned from site traffic reports will help determine which changes should be made and when they should be implemented.

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